Unlocking the Profitable Man| Luke Van Weren

Unlocking the Profitable Man
Luke Van Weren
Jeremiah 29:11


• At the beginning when man was created, the first mould was unmasked, God breathed into him and the mould became a living soul.

• This living soul was created by God with a clear purpose in mind, which is mainly to reflect God’s image here on earth.

• A man’s greatest challenge ever since has been to find out his purpose, to know why he is here, because without such a revelation, life becomes meaningless and unproductive.

Occupy, Get Busy: (Luke 19:13)
• Life should be lived intentionally, by God’s design and not simply by default accepting anything that comes.
• We have all been created with a purpose by God in mind. We came to earth fully loaded with several capabilities, gifts and talents.
• Therefore there should be no room for envying others or looking down on yourself. Your job is to get busy discovering these capabilities and then doing something with them.
• We must be profitable, doing the Lord’s business and fulfilling our purpose daily until He returns.
How to Be Profitable: (Genesis 1:28)

1. Be Fruitful:
• The first part of God’s dominion mandate to man was to be fruitful. Therefore a lack of fruitfulness is an insult to God, as defeats the purpose of God sending you to earth.

• However, to be fruitful you need enablement, and the fuel to fruitfulness is to discover and maximise your potential.
• Potential is the inherent packaging that we all came to earth with. We were all uniquely designed by God, everyone came to earth custom made.
• Therefore you do not need to be anyone else, discovering and becoming the you who God made, is enough.
• You are loaded with talents, giftings and abilities, and God expects all of us to be fruitful and productive with all these resources as reflected in the parable of the talents (Matthew 25:24).
2. Locate Eden:
• God created the first man and put him in Eden. Eden was an environment conducive for him to be productive.
• Everyone has an Eden, an environment designed for you to flourish and be productive.
• When you’re working in God’s purposes, in line with the resources He has graced you with, you will begin to live a more productive life.
• God will begin to direct you into the places, situations and environments necessary for your abilities to thrive for His glory.
3. Tend & Care:
• God put Adam in the Garden of Eden in order for him to tend and care for it. This was his assignment from God.
• And another word for this assignment is Work. To work, is to possess the ability to execute a function or an assignment.
• You have been specially designed and enabled by God to function in the area of your assignment, therefore you are capable.

Success-Tools for Profitability: (Genesis 1:29)

1. Have A Clear Vision: (Proverbs 29:10)
• You need to have a clear vision for your life. A vision is for direction and clarity, and it is essentially your eyes into the future.

• Without a vision it is  difficult to see with clarity the way ahead. However a clear vision helps you to see and plan how you can work your gift(s) best for God’s glory.
2. Write the Vision: (Habakkuk 2:2)
• It’s not enough to have a clear vision in your head, you must put it down in writing.
• Putting your vision in writing brings further clarity and can make the execution of the vision much easier.

• Also, try not to make the vision too complicated. The simpler a vision is, the clearer it is to work with. A complex vision can make things a bit more challenging.

3. Run the Vision: (Habakkuk 2:2b)
• Once you have captured God’s vision for your life, it is important that you begin to take the necessary steps forward. Do not waste time or procrastinate, get on with it as time is ticking.

• A profitable life encourages others to be profitable also, and a good man leaves an inheritance for his children’s children and a wise man leaves a legacy for them.

• A legacy is what you live in someone & an inheritance is what you leave for them. Live in such a way that you can leave something valuable for the next generation.

4. Be Assiduous: (Proverbs 22:29; 6)
• Do not be one who gives up too easily. Even if you fail, get up and get going, try again.

• Be up and doing like the proverbial ants in the scriptures, shun all forms of laziness, get up & get going with your vision.
• Never give up. Rather, determine from now on very clearly what you are going to do and then get on with it.
Concluding Words:

• Know that God has given you all that it takes to be profitable. Therefore make time to discover these giftings/abilities/opportunities and get going.

• Refuse to be intimidated or give up along the way, rather be diligent and you will become outstanding.
• Also remember, being young or single is not a limitation, nothing stops you from being profitable now.
• You are empowered to prosper. Become fruitful and help others to become fruitful too.
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