Stop Living in Your Past


Stop Living in Your Past

Andrew Adeleke

Matthew 11:12



  • One of the keys to finishing well is to stop looking backwards. When an individual keeps looking backwards, both at past successes and at failures, it can cause that person to start losing the momentum required to press on forwards.
  • One of our challenges as believers, is the desire to have something new while we keep maintaining old ways and habits. We must embrace change and stop looking back or repeating old patterns in order to take hold of all that God has for us.



1. OUT WITH THE OLD: Pay the Price for New! (Luke 13:24)

  • The old is good but the new is better, what God has in store for you is always better.
  • However, we must be willing to pay the price required on our part, in order to press into the new things which God has for us.
  • Be willing to work by faith, and this means being willing to take the tangible actions needed to obtain what God has for you, all the while putting your trust in Him.


2. GET READY, TO MOVE INTO THE NEW: Prepare for Change! (Isaiah 43:18-19)

  • Sometimes we get angry and blame God because our expectations seem yet unmet.
  • However, it is expected of us as believers to prepare for the new things we expect and not to leave the responsibility entirely to God.
  • Stop repeating old patterns and routines, rather, start building new capacity through faith and positive actions, for the new things you are expecting from God.


3. PRESS ON: Don’t Settle! (Philippians 3:12-14)

  • Do not settle on past failures or successes, rather know that there is always more for us in God.
  • Therefore, we must press on forwards to what the Lord has for us in the future, for the Lord has created you for fruitfulness.
  • Do not settle where you think God has been, for God is also in your future, press on.


4. DREAM BIG: Use Your Imagination! (Philippians 3:13-14)

  • Begin to prepare for the vision which God has given to you.
  • Stop keeping the memories of the past churning constantly in your mind, rather use your mind to begin to envision the future which God has for you.
  • Then begin to take steps by faith towards your God-given dreams, leave yesterday behind, there is more ahead.


5. GO FORWARD: Step Up & Step Out! (Exodus 14:15; Matthew 11:12)

  • Do not be preoccupied with memories of the past, look forward instead.
  • Think of ways to step forward and advance in every area of your life, your relationships, finances, career and every area of your life.
  • Oppositions will always come to us in life, but do not be deterred or hindered by these, press forward, for victory belongs to those who would not give up.



  • Stop playing the defence side, being less than who God called you to be and living beneath your potential, for we will give an account of our lives and gifts to the Lord someday.
  • For this reason, rise up and press on forwards with boldness, because regardless of what the past has been, be it full of successes and failures, God always has more and better in your future.
  • However, embracing this future requires that you let go of the past and proactively press forwards to what God is doing now and in your future.



  • Refuse to settle where you are, God has so much more in store for you. Keep seeking the Lord with all your heart for a revelation of what He has in store for you and push forward by faith.
  • This season, we pray that the Lord will break the strongholds of things in your past that are hindering you from moving forward and anoint you afresh for new and better conquests/victories, in Jesus’ name, Amen.