The Strength of A Lion & Speed of An Eagle




Andrew Adeleke

Isaiah 40:31 | 2 Samuel 1:23-27



  • We need strength in order to move ahead in life. However, we must note that life is not just about achievements, it is also about our attitude.
  • David was a great man who despite all his personal challenges and issues with Saul, chose to remain gracious till the end.
  • So the question is, “Are you a gracious person?”. Keep a gracious attitude towards all people, regardless of their attitude towards you. Refuse to harbour bitterness and negativity, let God fight your battles.



  • In order to prevail in the battles and challenges of life.
  • In order to become who and what God has created you to be in life and destiny.
  • There are always new grounds to conquer in life, you cannot depend on the events of yesterday whether they be success or failure. However, you need strength in order to forge ahead.


a) The Lion: Its Strength! (Ecc 9:11b; Ps 104:21; Prov 20:2; Job 10:16; Prov 30:30; Josh 1:6-9)

  • The lion is a strong animal, it is fearless and does not turn from anyone. Its roar whether for prey or other, cannot be ignored.
  • If these are the qualities of a lion, and your Father God is the Lion of the tribe of Judah, then you must be like you Him, exhibiting His characters in your life.
  • Know that a lion can only begat after its kind, if your Father is a lion, then you also are a lion and must come into your own in this season.
  • Do not let fears rule your life, whether they be from incidents in the past or present, and even concerns about the future.
  • However, to be able to fearlessly embrace your future, you must be a consistent student of God’s word, so that you might know it and obey it.
  • Success belongs to those who read, meditate and obey God’s word continually.


b) The Eagle: It’s Speed! (Joel 2:25)

  • Time is ticking, we all do not know how much time we have left.
  • Therefore, it is important that we are constantly busy doing what the Lord would have us to doing now.
  • We also need God’s supernatural speed, in order to be able to recover the lost time and opportunities from times past.
  • Speed is needed in order to fulfil the purpose of God in our lives and in our generation, within the limited time frame which we have all been allotted.
  • Regardless of all that the enemy has done to strip you of all that God has for you, God is able to restore you and grant you the speed of total recovery.
  • However, we must be focused just like the eagle, focusing on God, persistent prayer, continuous study and faithful obedience to God’s word.



This week and in this season;

  1. Spend more time in prayer.
  2. Study the word continuously.
  3. Set your goals on paper, so the vision is clear.
  4. Drop ungodly and unprofitable habits which deter your progress.
  5. Make up your mind to do your best to be gracious to all people and at all times.
  6. Remember that the decision lies in your hands, use your strength and time wisely.



  • This season, we pray that the God of heaven will strengthen you exceedingly, you will neither faint nor fail.
  • The Lord will grant you total recovery for all that you have lost in the past.
  • And we believe that you will yet record glorious victories and achievements in this season.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.