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Secrets to Divine Assistance – Part Two



Andrew Adeleke

Psalm 34:9



  • There are different ways of receiving divine assistance from God, firstly, we must make requests that are based on God’s word, secondly, we must come to Him with sincere, heartfelt prayers and we must live lives of absolute purity.
  • The divine assistance series continues from these points today, exploring some other ways of receiving divine assistance.



1. Love & Unity: Create an Atmosphere of Love & Unity (Amos 3:3)

  • God can assist us through each other, where He moves in hearts of a man in other to favour the cause of another. However, this is only possible in an atmosphere of love and unity.
  • As believers, we must learn to be more tolerant of each other, learning to overlook offence and determined, as far as it lies on our part, to work in love with each other.
  • God expects us as His children to be united together in words and deeds, united in our love for Him and also for each other


     CASE STUDY 1: The Early Church  (Acts 2:1-4)

  • The early church were together in one place and as they prayed and fellowshipped with each other, they encountered the power of God in a very special way.
  • One of the reasons for this encounter was because they were in a place of love and unity. Wherever there is unity, the blessings of God can be found.
  • Therefore, if we are going to experience the power of God as a body of Christ and as individuals, we must open ourselves up to allowing the love of God flow from us towards each other.


2. A Passion for Souls: Desire to See People Saved (Isaiah 55:6-7)

  • Whenever we are concerned about seeing the hearts of people turn to God in salvation, God always releases His power to assist.
  • Each of us are personal messengers of God in our own ways. Therefore, we must seize every moment to share the gospel, for a just minute of your time could determine another’s eternal destiny, so make the time.
  • In our circles of influence, in the marketplace, with friends, associates and the like, keep shining the light of Jesus with a sense of intentionality.


     CASE STUDY 2: Elijah’s Prayer  (1 Kings 18:36-40)

  • God is always interested in genuine repentance, so when Elijah asked for the Lord to show up in order to reveal Himself to the people and turn them back, God responded.
  • Whenever our true motive is to share the gospel of peace in order to promote Christ, we can trust that God will manifest His power.
  • Do something to draw people to the Lord Jesus and you can trust that He will always show up to assist you in your endeavours.


3. Readiness to Give God All The Glory: Give God, His Dues (Isaiah 42:8)

  • God will not share His glory with any man, therefore we must live for His glory alone.
  • When we make God a priority in our lives, living for His glory and giving Him the glory for all things we possess and have achieved, then God will show up.
  • Never ascribe to yourself, the glory that belongs to the Lord. Rather always actively draw people’s attention to what God has done and can do, then you can be assured that He will assist you in your endeavours.


     CASE STUDY 3: David’s Declaration  (1 Sam17:45-50)

  • David was determined, even before defeating Goliath, to bring the glory to the Lord through his conquest. And as he did so, the Lord responded by giving him the victory.
  • Consistently make plans to intentionally do things for God’s glory. Give Him the glory way before the victory comes, after the victory is manifested and then continuously.
  • Put God first always and make living for His glory and glorifying Him always, a lifestyle. You can be sure that God will always show up.


4. Faith-filled Expectation: Attract God, with Your Faith (Hebrews 11:6)


  • We must be people of faith, living in continuous trust and dependence on God for every aspect of our lives. God acts in response to our faith.
  • The life of a believer is a lifestyle of faith, therefore everything we do must be approached with an attitude of constant faith in God.
  • Regularly study God’s word, always think, act and speak the words of faith contained within and thereby, expect to receive divine assistance from the Lord.


     CASE STUDY 4: Daniel’s Stand  (Daniel 6:19-23)

  • Daniel had been thrown into the lion’s den, for standing up for his faith and for the faithful worship of the Almighty, by certain conspirators.
  • However, because he was a man of faith the Lord responded, delivering him powerfully by shutting the mouth of the lions.
  • Therefore, be encouraged to stand up for Christ in your generation and wherever He places you. Refuse to give up on God in challenging times, again He can be trusted, to respond.



  • God is always ready to listen to anyone who pays attention to His word and comes to Him with a sincere heart.
  • He also responds to a lifestyle of purity, that walks in love and unity with other brethren, is passionate for souls, aims to always bring Him glory and which lives in complete faith towards Him.
  • Commit to being this type of believer and watch the Lord show Himself equally faithful in your life.



  • In this season, the hand of the Lord will be magnified and that which seems impossible will become possible for you. You will have peace, joy and victory, and you will testify shortly about the Lord’s divine assistance, in Jesus’ name. Amen.


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