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Secrets to Divine Assistance



Andrew Adeleke

Deuteronomy 29:29 | Psalm 34:9




  • The scripture is full of diverse instances where people received divine assistance and help from the Lord. This assures us that if the Lord has done it before, He can and will do it again.
  • God is the same yesterday, today and forever. He is still interested today in providing divine assistance both to individuals and congregations of people who come to Him for help. (Hebrews 13:8)
  • All we have to do is to position ourselves through certain actions, in order to receive the Lord’s divine assistance.




  1. The Word of God: Create a Solid-Base (Matthew 7:7-8)


  • It is important to always make sure that whatever you are seeking for help and assistance for from God, is aligned with and based upon the truth of His word, because God moves in alignment with His word.
  • Look into the word of God, the bible, for a word of promise or examples of experiences of diverse men and women in the bible.
  • Then remembering that God is the same yesterday, today and forever, make a demand based on your discoveries. Be assured that having a solid basis in the word of the Lord, God will respond.


     CASE STUDY 1: The Believers’ Prayer  (Acts 4:22-31)

  • The believers’ in the early church cried unto God in the time of trouble to receive help to assist them in their desperate time of need.
  • Therefore, like them, we must stop fighting our life’s battles in the flesh. This is because as believers such carnal methods are contrary to how we ought to fight as children of God.
  • Rather employ the powerful force of prayer. Cry unto God with the desires of your heart, making sure that these are aligned with the word of the Lord, and be assured that God will respond.


  1. A Sincere Heart: Heartfelt Prayers (Psalm 119:145)


  • A sincere cry from a burdened heart is a factor which the Lord Almighty will never ignore. As our Father, He will always respond to us.
  • In the place of prayer, we must understand that the Lord always responds to what is in our hearts and not just what is coming out from our lips.
  • God reads hearts, so always make sure that when you come to the Lord, it is with a sincere heart that seeks His glory and not just yours.


      CASE STUDY 2: Hannah’s Prayer  (1 Samuel 1:8-17)

  • Hannah made a vow to the Lord from a sincere heart to dedicate the son which she sought from Him after a season of prolonged barrenness.
  • At the time her prayer seemed so quiet that Eli thought she was drunk, because her lips moved but nothing could be heard.
  • However, the Lord granted her request. For indeed, God hears the sincere cry of our hearts, especially when it’s aimed at glorifying God.


  1. A Life of Purity: Attract God, with Holiness (Psalm 24:4-6)


  • Always aim to live a life of absolute purity before the Lord, because such lifestyles are highly attractive to the Lord.
  • A lifestyle of sin and continuous disobedience to God is a major hindrance to answered prayers.
  • We must never take the Lord for granted by wilfully carrying on in a lifestyle of disobedience and sinful living, as this will block the divine assistance of the Lord.


     CASE STUDY 3: King Saul’s Disobedience  (1 Samuel 13:13-14)

  • Saul was rejected by God as a king because he flagrantly disobeyed the word and instructions of the Almighty God.
  • He was replaced by God with David who was committed to living a life that honoured God sincerely from his heart always.
  • David did have his moments of disobedience, but the difference between him and Saul, was that he always had a truly repentant heart.



  • Be an avid student of the word of God and always come before the Lord on the solid base of the truth of His word.
  • Come boldly before the Lord with a sincere heart and always seek His glory and not yours.
  • Make a covenant with the Lord in your heart that you will not sin against Him and intentionally guard against every source of sin in your life.



  • In this season God will raise help for you and you will be empowered. You will sing a new song and in your health, wealth and every area of your life, you will see everything turning around for your good in Jesus’ name.


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