Get Up & Prepare for Action: Andrew Adeleke [31.05.20]

FAITH SERIES – Get Up & Prepare for Action

Text: James 2:14-18; Joshua 1:1-9

Speaker: Andrew Adeleke



  • Life sometimes throws us curveballs, when the unexpected happens and disrupts our regular flow of life.
  • This is not to be a shock to us, as the reality is that in life we will face different seasons, some good and others not so much, this is because life is in seasons.
  • Such was Joshua’s experience when his mentor Moses suddenly died and he had to assume leadership, taking on the awesome task of leading Israel to the promised land.
  • God brought him much encouragement required for Joshua to get up and advance forward, and He is doing the same for you today.


Case Study.1: Moses & Joshua (Joshua 1:1-9)

  • Moses and Joshua had journeyed together from Egypt, all through the Exodus to their sojourn and travels in the wilderness.
  • During this time Joshua had watched God use Moses mightily to do great exploits like the parting of the Red Sea, water from the rock, the personal one to one conversations with God and the manner in which he led a population of more than 3 million through their journeys.
  • Suddenly this great mentor of his died, the mantle of leadership fell on Joshua and very likely he was gripped with fear as these were big shoes to fill and the task was daunting.
  • It is against this backdrop that God speaks to Joshua. He affirmed that Moses was dead and it was time for Joshua to stop looking to the past but rather to advance forward.
  • He also promised that He would be with Joshua as He had been with Moses, but Joshua needed to be bold and courageous enough to move forward. Joshua did as he was instructed.



  • What is your Moses that is dead? This is in reference to events in your life that now belong to the past. Be encouraged to stop holding on to the past but to move on as God is set to do a new thing.
  • Refuse to be stuck reminiscing on the memories of events gone by. Holding on to the past can keep you from being able to move forward to what God has for you.
  • It is time to move forward and in order to do so you need to be bold and have faith. And this faith is not based on feelings but rather on the promises of God’s Word.
  • Based on the promises of God’s Word, get up and begin to get ready to take action, for bold action is required for the actualisation of your God-given visions and dreams.


Why Be Bold? (Deuteronomy 31:6)

  • It is one thing to have a great God-inspired vision and clearly outlined goals, but a step of faith is required on your part for their fulfilment, and boldness is required to take that step.
  • God gives the vision, the resources and every enablement required to attain greatness but we also have a responsibility to take a step, He will not do everything for us, it is a partnership.
  • For instance, God parted the Red Sea but the Israelites had to walk through it, He parted the Jordan but the priests had to step in first by faith. Therefore identify the step(s) of faith required on your part and get ready to take them.
  • Do not allow the fear of failure to stop you, or wait for all the resources required to be visibly in place before you move, be willing to take a bold step of faith first, as boldness is required to see your dreams become a reality.


How to Obtain Boldness: (Joshua 23:6; 1:8)

  • We obtain boldness through the Word of God, therefore it is important that we are consistent students of God’s Word.
  • The process of doing so helps us to realise the things we need to let go of and the things which we need to take hold of.
  • And in this context, God’s encouragement from the Word is that we let go of fear and take hold of faith.


Case Study.2: David & Solomon (1 Chronicles 22:11-13)

  • God had assigned through David, Solomon who was to succeed him as king, to build the temple of God in Israel.
  • This was an enormous task for a young king just coming into power to undertake.
  • However, David encouraged King Solomon in the Lord to be strong and courageous, citing that God would ensure success as long as he, Solomon, followed the Lord obediently.



  • Be strong and courageous, do not be afraid or lose heart, for God is on your side and is with you.
  • Dream bigger and be open to exploring whatever areas God is leading you towards, whether that be in your career, business, ministry and the like.
  • Always remember that it is God who qualifies the called, therefore if God has called you, consider yourself qualified by Him for your assignment. Just remain loyal to Him.


Case Study.3: Jeremiah (Jeremiah 1:4-10)

  • Jeremiah was called by God as a young man to be a prophet to the nations.
  • The young prophet was terrified by the daunting task, his main excuse being his youth.
  • However, God’s response to Jeremiah was that He would equip him, therefore he was not to allow fear to hinder him from speaking God’s Word to the people, as that fear would prove disastrous for him.



  • Fear is not a feeling but rather it is a spirit that produces feelings which hold you back from pursuing your dreams.
  • But you must never discount yourself or permit fear to rule over your heart as this opens the door to defeat. (Jeremiah 1:17-19)
  • God assures through His Word to look after you and to take care of any oppositions, so step out boldly in faith.


Case Study.4: Timothy (2 Timothy 1:5-9)

  • Timothy was a bishop, called as a young man and commissioned to lead the early church.
  • Along the line Paul his mentor was jailed and this was very likely a season of great fear for Timothy.
  • There were fears about his abilities being a young man, the threats of persecution for continuing to witness for Christ, and the risk of a continuous association with Paul.
  • However, Paul encouraged him to move past his concerns about age, persecutions or the shame of having his mentor in chains. But to press onwards as God was with him and he was capable.



  • There are different types of faith, the faith required to conquer and also that which is required to endure hard times.
  • There is a season usually preceding glory when our faith in God will be tested. Therefore it is important that we understand that to be glorified in this life, we must be willing to endure difficult times.
  • Just like Timothy your faith will be tested, but you must be able to endure for there is a glory ahead. Do not let fear or insecurities stop you, for God is on your side.



  • There is a great destiny ahead of you, but you will be tested.
  • However do not be afraid, avoid fear, refuse to be stuck in the past, choose faith and advance forward.
  • Be encouraged for God is willing and able to help you like He did for Joshua, Solomon, Jeremiah and Timothy.
  • Therefore position yourself to receive encouragement through God’s Word and begin to prepare to take action.
  • God wants you to be bold, for this is required in order to take the actions needed to bring your God-given visions to reality.


Next Steps:

  1. What has God asked you to do? Determine this clearly.
  2. Start preparing and putting things in place by faith.
  3. Get ready to take a bold step of faith and then take it.
  4. Let go of the past, resist the fear and take action today.
  5. Remember, never be afraid to testify for Christ wherever God takes you.


Prayers/Prophetic Declarations:

  • God will cause the positive “sudden-lies’ of life to come upon you for good.
  • God will remove every factor that is currently limiting you.
  • You will go forward and you will not be defeated, you will be an overcomer, above and not beneath.
  • Your past will not hinder your future. Do not be stuck in the past, for God is about to do a new thing in your life.
  • And 2020 will end for you gloriously!