Faith Potential for Circle Makers By Pastor Andrew Adeleke

RCCG House Of Praise London 19|04|2020

Text: Hebrew 11:1


• Circle makers refers to those who draw a circle around their lives, loved ones, personal affairs & the object of their focus through consistent prayers.

• The definition of faith on the other hand is that which is already defined in the Word in Hebrews 11:1. It’s the confidence we have in God to deliver that which we want.

Summary on Faith:

• Faith isn’t a new concept, our fathers & mothers of old held on & conquered by faith.

• Faith is the oxygen of our existence, we need to survive as believers here

How to Get Faith:

Romans 10:17-18

• Faith comes by hearing. Therefore we have to be careful what we listen to.

• Feed yourself with the Word of God and your faith will increase.

How to Fulfil Your Faith Potential:

Luke 17:5-6

1. Understand the power of a seed:

• Faith is like a seed.

• Even if your faith is as small as a mustard seed, sow it.

• Your small seed of faith has great potential when you deploy it.

• A typical mustard seed is quite small & takes about 10days to germinate.

• However other trees having longer or shorter germination periods.

• In like manner some dreams have varying timings of manifestation.

• Don’t give up but keep holding on to your dream, eventually it will come to pass.

2. Ensure Your Faith is Authentic:

• Make sure that you genuinely believe & trust God for what you’re asking for.

• The authenticity of your faith is what makes it powerful.

• It’s not about the size of your faith but more about the authenticity of your faith.

• Make sure that your faith is authentic & keep sowing into it through consistent prayers based on God’s Word.

• Don’t limit your God & Don’t feed on negative news.

• A seed once planted & consistently watered will eventually grow.

• Grow your faith & in time you will see results.

The Power of the Mustard Seed:

It is one of the most nutritious seeds & has health benefits which include the following;

• Vitamin B1 – Builds your appetite

• Vitamin B5 – Prevents cracked lips

• Vitamin C – Gives Immunity

• Vitamin E – Protects you from damage

• Vitamin K – Helps with your blood

And it has so many other health benefits all in this smallest of seeds.

The Power of Your Faith:

• Just like the mustard seed, a little faith goes a long way.

• It can yield mighty results in your life, affairs & wherever you need it.

• Therefore be confident & hold on to your faith, don’t give up.

Prayer and Faith:

• Prayer waters your seed of faith.

• Prayers of faith by circle makers makes a huge difference.

• Prayer never dies. Each prayer that you pray takes on an eternal life, there will be a manifestation.

• Sometimes the manifestation comes in your time & sometimes our prayers could be seeds down for the benefit of our next generation. Keep praying.

• Don’t be in a hurry, wait on the Lord patiently. Sometimes God takes on a process.

• Don’t be frustrated, faith works and faith-filled prayers deliver results.

• Your prayers will work, stay on it, stay in faith, there will be a manifestation.

How to Water Your Seed:

• Pray: Don’t Stop

• Believe: Stay in the Faith Zone

• Confess: The Word in Faith

• Give Thanks Always

• Be careful the seeds you sow continually. Particularly with your words & your actions.

Remembering that once you sow it, you will reap it. Don’t sow what you don’t want to reap.

• Live Obediently

• Give Generously

• Keep Serving

Final Charge:

• Do little things as if they are big things & God will do big things as if they’re little things in your life.

• Keep sowing the right seeds.

• Be consistent with the doing the right things always.

• Perform small tasks with diligence, the result accumulates.

Prophetic Words:

God will give you an idea that will change the world.