Expect Restoration in 5 Major Areas – Part.2 | Andrew Adeleke


Expect Restoration in 5 Major Areas – Part.2

2 Samuel 6:20-23





  • This season we are trusting God for restoration of joy and laughter in five major areas; in our health, wealth, marriages, emotions and spiritually lives.


  • Today’s teaching continues from the previous, focusing on the latter areas, marital, emotional and spiritual restoration.


  • We trust that God will bring laughter and joy in these areas going forward in Jesus’s name.





Case Studies: Michal, Sarah & Hannah (2 Samuel 6:20-23, Genesis 21:1-7; 1 Samuel 2:21)


  • One can be in perpetual sorrow when there is no fruit in marriage, particularly in the area of child-bearing. That notwithstanding, it is important to know that through God it is possible to defeat barrenness, however, our positioning matters.


  • Michal, King David’s wife, became entrapped by her own words and died barren. This was because she mocked the Lord’s servant, her husband, for dancing extravagantly before the Lord.


  • However, in the case of Sarah who had suffered from childlessness for a considerable amount of time, she believed God and He gave her Isaac, meaning laughter, after almost a lifetime of barrenness.


  • He also did the same for Hannah who had been mocked and taunted for years, for being barren. But after she sought the face of the Lord, He blessed her with six children, including Samuel, a mighty prophet who grew up before the Lord.




  • Be careful about the words you speak and the way you act, so that you do not become an indirect architect of your own challenges by your character.


  • Rather, have faith in God, speak the Word of God over your life and prayerfully bring your needs before the Lord.


  • If God did these things before, He can and will do it again if we believe. God shows no partiality but rather acts on behalf of all who believe in Him (Acts 10:34-35).





Case Study: The Widow of Nain (Luke 7:11-15)


  • The circumstances of life can be overwhelming sometimes, and this can lead to all kinds of issues, depression, anxiety, mental health issues and the like.


  • However, we serve a God who is able to intervene in all kinds of situations, bringing encouragement and restoration particularly in the area of emotional pains.


  • The widow in the scripture cited had lost her only son and was understandably full of sorrow and great emotional pain.


  • Thankfully along the way she was met by Jesus who intervened, turned the situation around by restoring her child back to life and her joy was restored.



  • Regardless of the situation God is able to restore joy into your life.


  • He knows exactly how to do so for each one individually as the need requires.


  • Refuse to be bound emotionally, rather be open in your heart to receive the restoration that God has specially packaged for you (Philippians 4:4)





Case Study: The Mad Man, of Gadara (Mark 4:35-41; 5:1-15;John 8:31-32)


  • One could be settled in every other area of life but still be afflicted spiritually.


  • In the first scripture cited, Jesus was travelling with his disciples by boat and there was a great storm. As they all panicked, Jesus was sleeping in the stern, but they woke him up by calling on Him. He got up, calmed the storm and they were saved.


  • Shortly after this encounter they journeyed towards Gadara and along the way met a man whose entire life had been ground to a halt physically, mentally and otherwise, because he was severely afflicted spiritually by a legion of demons.


  • He had been bound for some time in that state living in tombs, but the force behind this issue was spiritual, the joint effort of some wicked demons.
  • However, when Jesus stepped into the situation, the man was delivered and totally restored. He subsequently became a mighty evangelist for Jesus in all Decapolis, a group of ten cities at the time.



  • When we encounter situations that seem challenging and overwhelming, it is very important that we call on the Lord to intervene as promptly as possible.


  • This is because certain situations that present in our lives physically, can have a spiritual force behind motivating them.


  • However, whenever Jesus steps into storms, they are calmed, therefore we should call on Him boldly as His children. God is able to restore us as He did for His disciples and the mad man of Gadara if we believe.





  • Have Faith:

God is willing and able to bring total restoration into our lives, however we must bring Him into the picture, by first believing in His power to restore us.


  • Be Prayerful:

Be a person of prayer and in faith, begin to ask the Lord for restoration in every area of need in your life.


  • Testify:

As God restores you do not be silent, share your testimony and encourage others with the good news of the saving power of the Lord Jesus.





  • We pray that God will restore your laughter martially, particularly in the area of barrenness, and that every seed of barrenness of all forms will be removed from your life, making you fruitful and productive in all areas.


  • We pray that emotionally the Lord will restore your joy and that every force challenging your life spiritually will be destroyed from today. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.


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