You Do Not Need, To Be Depressed



Andrew Adeleke

Isaiah 40:31 | John 10:10



  • Research shows that when it comes to mental health, no one is exempt, and the scriptures show a variety of people, from kings to prophets, who suffered from seasons of depression.
  • This is mainly as a result of the broken state of our world today, but as God made a way and lifted them from the pits of gloom, He will do the same for us today.
  • It is not the will of God for His children to suffer in this way, He has come that we might have and enjoy the abundant life through Christ.



1. The Word & Prayer: Fill-up on the Word & Be Prayerful! (Psalm 139:23)

  • The word of God tells us that He searches our hearts and knows our anxious thoughts.
  • Therefore, be encouraged to search the scriptures regularly to find out what God says about your situation.
  • Then talk to God regularly about the concerns of your heart, knowing that He is ever ready to listen. He will be there when no one else can and He really does understand.
  • Find time to be alone with God regularly, to fellowship with Him and be constantly refreshed.


2. Don’t Be Anxious: Rest in God! (Philippians 4:6-7)

  • God does not want us to be anxious, always agitated constantly by the news around us and other pressures from social media, our circumstances and the like.
  • Refuse to let the things happening on the outside, even the very real hard facts of life’s challenges, take your focus away from God.
  • When we focus too heavily on the outward things, it can magnify our problems and lead to depression.
  • Rather, choose to focus your thoughts on God, let His goodness be magnified in your heart and rest in His love for you.


3. Cast Your Cares: God Really Cares for You! (1 Peter 5:7)

  • God does not want us to be anxious about the cares of our lives, and neither does He want us to ignore them completely.
  • His encouragement is that we exercise faith in Him in every situation, small and big alike.
  • Cast your cares on God and know that He loves you. He cares about every detail of your life and if anyone can handle the details and challenges of your life, God definitely can.


4. God Can: He Can Work Everything Out! (Romans 8:18; Romans 8:28)

  • Know that there is always hope, therefore refuse to give up no matter what you see going on around you.
  • There might be disappointments and things might be difficult presently both in the world and in your personal circumstances, notwithstanding, know that there is a glory stored up for you ahead.
  • There is absolutely no situation in our lives that God cannot answer to. No matter how bad it looks, be assured that God can turn it around.
  • When we surrender completely to Him, He promises to work it all out for our good.


5. Trust in the Lord: Maintain Your Faith! (Proverbs 3:5-6; Corinthians 4:8-9)

  • Know that there are no accidents with God, the things that might look like disappointments to us might actually be divine appointments with God.
  • Therefore, do not depend on your own understanding of the issues going on around you, neither focus on human perspectives, trust in the Lord.
  • No matter what happens to you, make up your mind to trust in the Almighty God.
  • Know that God is for you, He understands all that is happening and He will take care of you, you can trust Him.


6. God Knows What You Need: He Will Take Care of You! (Luke 12:22-24)

  • You must trust deep down within you that God knows exactly what you need at any point in time.
  • Do not for the search of greener pastures or favourable circumstances compromise your faith and stance of peace in God.
  • Know that your Father knows exactly what you need. If He cares about the birds of the sky and creatures who have no backup plan for their welfare, God will take care of you.
  • You are more valuable to God than birds! God will take care of you, so be at peace and do not worry. You might not know the way out, but He does.



  1. SIN:
  • Sometimes depression can be as a direct result of living in disobedience to God’s word and ways. Sin is very dangerous and can threaten our very own lives.
  • In such cases, all we need to do is to repent and quickly turn back to God, He is ever willing to accept us.


  • Whether as a result of sin or other issues, the enemy can gain access into our lives and begin to afflict us in our mental health.
  • However, we must know that as long as we are in right standing with God through Christ and living a holy life, we have victory over the enemy and therefore can enforce our victory over such situations.


  • Either due to substance abuse or from legitimate medications taken to help treat our maladies, sometimes the chemical reaction from these substances can affect our mental health.
  • However, whatever the case might be, we can be assured that yet again when we invite the Lord Jesus into the situation and commit to following Him faithfully, victory is possible.


  1. DIET:
  • Also, certain foods and drinks we consume can mess with our systems if care is not taken.
  • While we must take responsibility for our diets, we can also be assured that no matter the source of the problem, diet or other, the Lord can take of the issue if we would simply let Him in.


CASE STUDY: JONAH (Jonah 1- 4)

  • Jonah was a prophet, called and ordained by God to be a prophet to the nations.
  • This notwithstanding did not immune him from depression. He suffered from a bout of situational depression, mainly as a result of sin.
  • This teaches us that as believers we cannot afford to play around with sin.
  • No matter who you are, sometimes there is simply no immunity from the consequences of sin, therefore we must deal with it decisively and swiftly.



1. Disobedience: (Jonah 1; Isaiah 1:19)

  • Jonah disobeyed God’s instruction to go preach to the city of Nineveh and he faced severe challenges and even rejection from others as a result.
  • When we sin, we can open up ourselves to unnecessary challenges and affliction from the enemy. Therefore, reject sin passionately.


2. Dread: (Jonah 2:2)

  • Jonah realised in the belly of the fish that he was about to lose his life and at this point of deep dread he called upon the Lord for help.
  • When we find ourselves in such dreary situations, instead of looking around us and speaking to people who cannot help us, we should talk to the God.
  • God alone has the capacity to help you, look to Him always as a first, if not only response.


3. Declaration: (Jonah 3:1-10)

  • Jonah finally obeyed and declared God’s word to Nineveh, the people repented from their sins as a result and God showed them mercy. However, Jonah became depressed at this turn of events, because he had wanted them to be punished by God.
  • Being a child of God who lives by and declares the word of the Lord to others, is not an excuse to begin to entertain negative emotions into our lives.
  • We must not allow negative emotions such as anger, envy, jealously and similar, gain a place in our hearts towards others, as this could negatively impact our mental health.


4. Depression: (Jonah 4:3; 4:9)

  • Jonah’s anger at the Lord for extending mercy to the people of Nineveh led him into a very dark hole. He became so depressed that he became suicidal.
  • We must be careful not to harbour bitterness in our hearts towards others, especially when they are succeeding. Refuse to let anyone or anything to push into darkness.
  • Guard your heart and refuse to harbour any impure thoughts, rather commit to walking in love towards God and others no matter the situation presented to you.



  • Always remember that you can do all things through Christ who gives you strength. You have the capacity to overcome every situation that comes your way through God.
  • Trust in Him, continually read His word, pray without ceasing, refuse to be anxious, cast your cares on the Lord, know that God will work things out, trust Him, He knows what you need and He will supply. And commit to a life of constant obedience to God’s word.
  • And having done all, remain strong in the Lord and in the power of His might.



  • This season, we pray that God will grant you the supernatural capacity to overcome every depression and mental pressure thrown your way, in Jesus’ name, Amen.