A Journey of Faith: Pastor Andrew Adeleke – 24/05/20

Topic: A Journey of Faith
Text: Psalms 32:8


  • God wants to do great and mighty things in your life in this season, but your faith is required in order to bring it to pass.
  • You must be expectant, believing God for great things, but know that to be great in life/destiny, to be justified & applauded in life, you will need faith.
  • Just like God did great things for the Israelites but their faith was required every step of the way, so also God is taking you on a journey towards greatness, but you must follow Him continuously in faith.
  • He has promised to guide you on the right path of life, to advice and show you the right way, but to get to the other side of this promise, you must trust Him.


Case Study: The Israelite Journey to Canaan (Exodus 34:10-11)

  • The Israelites on the way to Canaan, their land of promise & greatness, needed an assurance to encourage them along the way and God gave them one.
  • This assurance came to them through the Word of God via His servant Moses.
  • He assured them of His presence with them at all times, that He would do a new thingperforming miracles never seen before, displaying His power mightily in their midst and before all.



  1. Just like the Israelites we too are on our individual journeys to the fulfilment of the great destiny which God has for us, and like them, we need assurance too.
  2. God can and is giving you the same assurance like He did for them, regarding your hopes, dreams and visions.
  3. He promises us His ever abiding presence, taking us on new paths and encounters which we’ve never seen before. But like the Israelites, we must believe and stay believing.


Challenges on The Journey.1 – The Opposition: (Exodus 34:11)

  • As the Israelites journeyed towards their land of promise they encountered specific opposition with unique associated challenges from certain people.
  • This opposition came from the Amorites, Canaanites, Hittites, Perizzites, Hivites and Jebusites.
  • In like manner, as we journey towards our own destinies, we will face the same oppositions and challenges. We must neither be surprised nor afraid, but rather stand in faith.


Characteristics of the Opposition:

1. The Amorites’ Strategy: To Speak Against & Challenge You

• These enemies aim to hinder you by speaking against you and challenging all your efforts.

2. The Canaanites’ Strategy: To Humiliate & Subdue You
• These enemies aim to hinder you by humiliating and subduing you, so that constantly bowed, you don’t make it to your destiny.

3. The Hittites’ Strategy: Exerting Their Might/Strength
• These enemies try to stop you by exerting their might, strength and “stronger” abilities over you.

4. The Perizzites’ Strategy: Pollution
• These enemies try to separate you from God’s promises by luring and causing you to fall into sin.

5. The Hivites’ Strategy: Enslavement By Compromise
• These enemies try to enslave and choke the life out of you by locking you into sinful habits and a life of compromise.

6. The Jebusites’ Strategy: Trampling & Pollution

• These enemies try to crush you through their resources, power and also through sin.


Lessons :

  1. In life you must realise that you might face some or all of these oppositions.
  2. Do not ever underestimate the power of God, like He subsequently assured the Israelitesthrough Joshua, God will make do on His promises and do something new (Josh 3:4).
  3. God knows the path ahead of you, He will lead you (Job 28). He has given you a sound mind, sodo not be overwhelmed with fear, you have the power to overcome all (2 Tim 1:7).

Challenges on The Journey.2 – The River Jordan (Josh 3:1-7)

  • At the brink of their breakthrough the Israelites also had before them the River Jordan, a standing, unsurmountable symbol of impossibility right ahead of them.
  • However, at the Lord’s instruction Joshua directed them to keep following the Ark of the Lord and to advance forward.
  • In turn God assured Joshua that He was going to make him a great leader in the sight of all Israel. He did so by parting the River Jordan before them like He did through Moses at the Red Sea.



  1. We must know that really, we are not limited by the circumstances before or around us.
  2. Therefore when faced with challenges, we don’t look around observing our circumstances,rather we look to God and like the Israelites continue to follow Him.

The Ark of the Lord:

  • The Ark of the Lord represents the presence of the Lord.
  • Inside the Ark was the Law of the Lord representing the will of God.
  • We are to follow the presence and the will of the Lord through the Holy Spirit.


Overcoming Oppositions: Using the Ark


1. Follow the Ark: (1 John 2:20,27)

  • Today we do not follow a physical ark, but instead we follow a spiritual one, and the location ofthis Ark is in your heart.
  • The Ark of the Lord today is the presence of the Holy Spirit in us as believers.
  • He is there to teach us everything we need to know and to show us the truth, if we would onlyfollow Him.

2. Guard your heart: (Proverbs 24:3)

  • Believe in your heart & trust God to lead you always.
  • Hold on to the truth of God’s Word always.
  • Ask the Holy Spirit to show you which way to go at all times.



3. Trust God to Guide You: (Isaiah 30:21; 45:2)

  • God has promised to guide you.
  • He will lead you by divine and specific instructions.
  • Develop the capacity to believe and receive these from God through faith.



4. Let God Take Charge: (2 Samuel 6:3-8)

  • We need to ask ourselves the important question, “Who is in charge of your life, God, others or you?” You need to make sure that God is in charge of your life.
  • The people of Israel were meant to carry the ark in a manner prescribed by God, but they reversed God’s order when transporting the ark & ran into problems.
  • When we try to reverse God’s order, doing things in our own way and against God’s will, we get into the trouble.
  • Give the Holy Spirit full control of your life, follow Him in every area of your life.
  • Whether it be in your life, business, home, marriage, parenting et al, do it God’s way and not yours.
  • Also be mindful of the words you speak as you will reap the fruit of your lips over your affairs, so only speak God’s Word.



5. Follow the Cloud: (Numbers 9:15-23)

  • The cloud in the life of every believer also represents the Holy Spirit and His leading.
  • Follow the Holy Spirit’s leading, just like the people of old followed the cloud.
  • Don’t struggle on your own, call upon the Holy Spirit to help you, He is waiting & ever ready to assist you.
  • And in moments when He causes you to wait, like the Israelites, get busy where you are for God until He leads or instructs you otherwise.
  • Do not be in a hurry and do not fall for the temptation to handle things by yourself.
  • If God causes you to wait for however long, please wait because God is never late.
  • Be determined to move only at the Lord’s command and directive.



  • God wants to do something new in your life and to take you to your place of greatness.
  • But you need to have faith to move on and take hold of what God has for you.
  • You need to remain in Him by following the Holy Spirit, guarding your heart, trusting God toguide you, letting the Holy Spirit take charge of your life and steadfastly following the cloud of His presence.



Prayers/Prophetic Declarations

  • You are about to go through a defining season in your life, trust that the word of the Lord will come to pass in your life.
  • Every seed of seeming impossibility in your life will be removed.
  • God will do great wonders in your life, home, business and destiny.
  • You are not limited by your circumstances, from today the Lord will magnify you in the sight of all.
  • What was meant to limit you, will lead to your promotion.
  • Through you humanity will be blessed.
  • Only move at the Lord’s command, do not be in a hurry.
  • Do not be afraid to move when He leads, do things you’ve never done before, God will guide you.
  • Receive the capacity to get to the other side, the other side of your promise.
  • Your end will not be in disgrace & disappointments, you will recover from anything that has challenged you so far.
  • For those with big dreams and visions, from now onwards, that which seemed impossible, will become possible for you.
  • No opposition, Red Sea or River Jordan of life will ever be able to stop you, just keep following the Ark, the presence of the Holy Spirit in you.God bless you.