Andrew Adeleke

Psalm 20:1



  • Divine assistance is the signature theme of the scriptures. From the old testament to the new testament, we see God intervening in the life of His people.
  • However, in order to access this divine assistance, we must make sure that we put our trust in God always, particularly when there are days of trouble.


CASE STUDY 1: Joseph the Carpenter (Matthew 1:18-25)

  • Joseph had previously been engaged to Mary and suddenly found out that his fiancé was pregnant, so he decided to break up the engagement, but to do so quietly, possibly to protect her from the dangerous consequences of doing so, in the culture of the day.
  • This must have been a challenging time for him, very embarrassing, confusing and heart-breaking.
  • Thankfully the Lord intervened and assisted both Joseph and Mary from decisions that could have drastically changed both their lives for good, by confirming that the situation was of His doing, and then proceeding to give them directions for their future.



  • You might find yourself in a season of heart-break and confusion, where it feels like all the plans you had laid out for your life have been disrupted.
  • Be encouraged to know that God cares about every season for your life and the issues that weigh down on your soul.
  • He specialises in divinely intervening into such situations, bringing all the direction, clarity and peace required in order to move forward, you can trust Him.


CASE STUDY 2: Isaac the Promised Child (Genesis 22:1-18)

  • Isaac was nearly offered by Abraham his father as a sacrifice to God, as a test of his faith.
  • As they journeyed towards Mount Moriah, Isaac queried the fact that though they were headed for a sacrifice, the animal required seemed to be missing. His father’s assured him that the Lord would provide.
  • Subsequently, as his father bound and strapped him onto the altar of sacrifice, Isaac quickly realised that he was the planned “lamb” for the sacrifice. Yet he appeared to cooperate with the entire process without fighting back.
  • Thankfully as Abraham had assured, the Lord intervened, provided a ram in the thickets for the sacrifice and Isaac’s life was spared.



  • Sometimes we find ourselves in tight corners when the needs/challenges are quite evident, danger is near and there’s no clear way out of the situation.
  • However, like Isaac we must know that God can be trusted, therefore there is no need to struggle when challenges come our way.
  • Rather turn to the Lord in faith and be assured that God is a way maker, wherever and whenever there is a need, God will most definitely provide for us eventually.


CASE STUDY 3: The Israelites in Egypt(Exodus 3:7-8)

  • The Israelites were locked down in Egypt for 430 years where they had become slaves. However, the Lord heard their cry to Him for divine assistance and deliverance.
  • The Lord heard their cries and raised up the man Moses to lead them out of Egypt into Canaan, the promised land flowing with milk and honey.
  • As time passed, the Lord made do on His promises to His people. He brought them out of Egypt and led them into the land of Canaan exactly as He had promised.



  • In times of trouble when we cry to the Lord for assistance, we must believe in our hearts that the Lord hears and He will respond.
  • Be assured that in the same manner through which the Lord heard the tears of Israel, delivered them from Egypt and led them into Canaan, the Lord can deliver you out of your own unique situations.
  • There is always a set time for every miracle. As long as you stay loyal to your relationship and refuse to turn away from Him, you can be assured that your deliverance will definitely come, for God is a promise-keeper.



CASE STUDY 4: Saul of Tarsus (Acts 16:16-34)

  • Paul’s life had been in danger from several personalities who wanted to capture and sometimes outrightly kill him, for persisting in spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • However, the apostle put his trust in the Lord who delivered him from these situations and from several similar dangers subsequently.
  • Sometimes God did this by raising up people to help him and also by making other ways of escape for Paul in diverse situations.



  • God is able to deliver you from diverse dangers, both from physical ones and from other precarious situations.
  • Just like He did for Paul, He can raise up helpers of destiny to assist you in your areas of the need and He can raise assistance in other ways.
  • Simply trust Him, know that He loves you, He cares about your troubles and He will see you through. Never give up on Him.




  1. Trust in the Lord:

Put your trust in God at all times and refuse to give up or resign yourself to fate. Believe that the Lord hears and cares for you as a person and about every situation in which you find yourself.


  1. Be Prayerful:

In times of trouble cry out to the Lord in prayer. Know that God truly does care for you and He will hear your supplications.


  1. Be Thankful:

Be mindful in challenging times to call to remembrance God’s mighty works of old, both in His word and in your life specifically. Then proceed to thank Him in faith, knowing that what He did before, He can do again.

Please know that God always responds to those who seek Him as revealed in His word in the Psalm 9:9-10. Therefore, in troubled and challenging times, continue to trust Him, pray without ceasing, be thankful always and be assured that the Lord will definitely respond and come to your aid. The Lord you serve will never leave or forsake you, trust Him.



  • There is a set time for deliverance from every situation. The Lord will hear your cry and divinely assist you. He will you from disgrace and cause your end to be glorious.


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