Andrew Adeleke

Ruth 2:12



  • This has been declared our season of Divine Assistance.
  • One of the ways to make the most of this season is to approach it first and foremost with an attitude of thanksgiving, praising God for the things which He has done in the past, the things which He is doing presently and the blessings which are to come by faith.


CASE STUDY: Ruth the Moabite (Ruth 2:12)


  • Ruth was a lady, who though foreign to the covenant of Israel, was still able to access the Lord’s divine assistance because she came to take refuge in the arms of the Most High God.
  • She also demonstrated her faith in God with acts of love and kindness towards her mother-in-law and the family which she had come into by marriage.
  • She demonstrated her love for God through her faith, giving and other acts of loving service to His people.
  • God eventually rewarded her diligence and actions which much blessings in the end.




  • In this season of divine assistance, develop an attitude of constant thanksgiving to God for the things done in the past, things being done in the present and by faith, give thanks for the things which the Lord will do in the future.
  • Know that acts of service done for God through diligent service in His kingdom and on behalf of others, are also ways to demonstrate our love and gratitude to God.
  • God is a rewarder of such acts borne out of love and gratitude to Him, and anyone who lives in such a manner can expect to be rewarded by the Lord.




  1. Dancing:
  • We can give thanks and show our gratitude by dancing for joy in His presence. So, cultivate an atmosphere of constant joy around you towards the Lord for who He is and all that He has done.


  1. Praises:
  • We can demonstrate our gratitude to the Lord by singing praises to Him from our hearts and with our lips. Seize every moment to show God that you are thankful by singing His praises and proclaiming His good works from your lips always.


  1. Giving:
  • We also demonstrate our gratitude by giving of our resources in the form of our time, money and other applicable substances for the furtherance of the work of God’s kingdom. Be generous with your resources as an act of thanksgiving to God for providing them.


  1. Serving:
  • Another way to demonstrate our thanksgiving and gratitude to the Lord is through serving in His kingdom. Discover and begin to use your God-given gifts and talents in service to God and His people.




  • Faith plays an important part in expressing our thanksgiving to God.
  • Sometimes we thank God for the things we can readily see Him doing or the things He has already done. However, we can thank Him by faith for the things which we expect and have faith that He will do for us.
  • Therefore, approach this season with thanksgiving in your heart, dance with joy before Him always, constantly sing and proclaim His praises, give generously of your resources for His kingdom and serve Him diligently.
  • As you do so, be assured that the Lord in whom you have taken refuge is a rewarder, He will reward your love and faith Him demonstrated by your acts of gratitude.




  • In this season we pray that the Lord will divinely assist you, by opening doors of grace, progress and bringing all round increase into your life and household, in Jesus’ name.


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